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Life Saver

by team Cows from the Mooon


To connect the shelters and people who are willing and able to help. We try to overcome the gap of Government helping people and society helping Government.


  • To provide a tool that eases communication between shelters and citizens.
  • To provide a possibility for citizens to donate directly to those in need and know exactly how was the donation used.
  • To engage citizens to act.
  • To connect specific institutions with needed volunteers.

Raise awareness about problems of homeless people and animals.


Needed datasets

  • Google maps - locations of homeless and animal shelters for Croatia / World
  • Database of existing shelters and basic info about their work and their contacts
  • Base of shelter’s current needs
  • Information base - homeless people life stories and experiences

Result data

Open data provided by the platform

  • Database of shelter’s needs
  • Growing database of shelters information
  • Pending donations
  • History of donations
  • Volunteer experiences


Shelter users

  • constantly generate new data (uploading new requests)
  • giving feedback to donors about how they use their donations
  • providing experience and knowledge for volunteers and evaluate their work


  • use the provided information
  • generate content with engaging
  • share / spread the word
  • contribute (work, money)


Volunteer feedback

  • Volunteers will be able to send their feedback through the survey and generate new data

Future plans

  • Media packages - help to spread the word
  • Expert volunteers - making impact in society
  • Craigslist - helping homeless to get involved in society
  • Volunteer experiences - help to inspire
  • Crowdfunding
  • Collected data: type of people that donate and help out at homeless shelters; type of people that donate and help out at animals shelters; needs of shelters; statistic of donations
  • Collected data can be used for example to help charity organizations to create focus groups for advertising and fundraising

Team members

Rosen Dangov, Igor Rinkovec, Lana Podgoršek, Maja Kušćer, Benedict Allen

Help needed

If you are willing to help, donate or volunteer you can easily connect with specific institution and directly make impact in your society.


Slideshare: ODBC Team Project Lifesaver Slides: Life saver by Cows from the Mooon

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